HOWTO create pattern with coordinates
skapa bladindelning/rutnät + koordinatkryss


In one of our projects the pattern moved around all the time, we needed a way to automate pattern creation with a script.
Couldn't find such on the net, so here is one autocad-script-creation-tool.
Ett verkytg för att skapa bladindelning/rutnät samt koordinatkryss.

One solution: ACBladKryss.exe

1 input parameters (.ini-file-format)
Se below for all the parameters, use your own editor and paste inside the box if you prefer
2 some help text in swedish
Link to this page from Caption Help / hjälptext
3 choose section of parameters
Many section of parameters can be saved and used.
4 input folder to save output in.
Must be an existing folder
5 choose script to create
Try RUTNÄT för pattern first.
6 output is saved and displayed
A copy of the output is displayed here

ACBladKryss.ini file format

Parameters for the script are in "[.ini-file-format]" Parameters are automatically saved in the file ACBladKryss.ini. This file is read when the program starts.
Xo=X coordinate origoXo=0Xo=2000
Yo=Y coordinate origoYo=0Yo=1000
Xd=X distance between matchlinesXd=0Xd=120
Yd=Y distance between matchlinesYd=0Yd=100
Xs=X distance between coordinatesXs=1Xs=20
Ys=Y distance between coordinatesYs=1Ys=20
Xn=X number of patternsXd=0Xd=5
Yn=Y number of patternsYd=0Yd=5
Xl=X labelsXl=123..Xl=654321
Yl=Y labelsYl=123..Yd=ABCDEF
LayL=Layer for matchlinesLayL=0LayL=LAY-L
LayC=Layer for labels, centerLayC=0LayC=LAY-C
TextC=Textheight, centerTextC=2TextC=10
PrefixC=Prefix, centerPrefixC={first character of section}PrefixC=A
LayB=Layer for labels, big-centerLayB=0LayB=LAY-B
TextB=Textheight, big-centerTextB={40% Xd}TextB=10
LayK=Layer for labels on matchlinesLayK=0LayK=LAY-K
DecK=Decimals on matchline labelDecK=0DecK=3
DivK=Divide matchline label byDivK=1DivK=1000
LayH=Layer for labels in cornersLayH=0LayH=LAY-H
LayR=Layer for headersLayR=0LayR=LAY-R
-Below parameters for [KRYSS]-coordinate option
LayS=Layers for coorinate block. (KK)
Coordinate blocks used are (2 attributes x,y):
  • KK - Coordinate cross with invisible x/y attributes
LayT=Layer for coordinate text (KKxx)
  • KKLB - (left bottom) - used at the bottom margin
  • KKRB - (right top) - used at the right margin
  • KKLT - (left top) - used at the left margin
  • KKRT - (left top) - used at the top margin
SkalaS=Scale to insert block in. (acbladkryss.dwg)SkalaS=1ScaleS=2.5
PrefixSX=Prefix for X valuesPrefixSX=X=PrefixSX=E
PrefixSY=Prefix for Y valuesPrefixSY=Y=PrefixSY=N
DecS=Decimals for X valuesDecS={DecK}DecS=0
DivS=Divide coordinates byDivS={DivK}DivS=1000
-Below parameters are for the [SAVE] and [SAVE/PLOT] options
NrUrval=List of patterns to save/plotNrUrval=NrUrval=T11,T12,T13
DwgPrefix=Prefix for the filenameDwgPrefix=DwgPrefix=c:\temp\R-
DwgSuffix=Suffix for the filenameDwgSuffix=DwgSuffix=_A3
UCS=System in modelspace to useUCS=UCS=XY
UCS-PS=System in paperspace to useUCS-PS=UCS-PS=KEYPLAN
UCS-PS-Skala=Scale coordinates in paperspaceUCS-PS-Skala=UCS-PS-Skala=0.001
NrPrefix=Prefix for the drawing numberNrPrefix=NrPrefix=R-
NrSuffix=Suffix for the drawing numberNrSuffix=NrSuffix=(A3)
BlockKeyplanNr=Block with keyplan mark. 1 attribute, pattern numberBlockKeyplanNr=S-KEYPLAN-NRBlockKeyplanNr=S-KEYPLAN-NR-A1
BlockStamp=Block with 1 attribute, stamp numberBlockStamp=S-STAMP-NRBlockStamp=S-STAMP-NR-A3
BlockStampX=Insert pointBlockStampX=0BlockStampX=343
BlockStampY=Insert pointBlockStampY=0BlockStampY=3.5
-You can define which blocks to use
KK=Coordinate blockKK=KKKK=KKp1
KKLB=Coordinate text blockKKLB=KKLBKKLB=KKLBp1
KKRB=Coordinate text blockKKRB=KKRBKKRB=KKxx
KKLT=Coordinate text blockKKLT=KKLTKKLT=KKxx
KKRT=Coordinate text blockKKRT=KKRTKKRT=KKxx

The figure explain some
of the above.
The parameters for the
figure shows below:

[T-Test-1:200] Xo=100 Yo=200 Xd=25 Yd=20 Xs=5 Ys=5 Xn=2 Yn=2 Yl=21 LayB=LAY-B LayC=LAY-C LayH=LAY-H LayK=LAY-K LayL=LAY-L LayR=LAY-R LayS=LAY-S PrefixK=MATCHLINE TextC=5 TextH=1 TextK=1 TextR=5

Download and go


2014-apr-28, version 0.14
2008-apr-28, version 0.10
aome minor fixes
2008, version 0.4
initial release

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