Simple tool to copy an existing file to a new version


Every month or week you need to copy the files to a new verion. This simple tool installs into the context menu (right click). Right click the file to copy and choose CopyRev and you have a new version to edit ..


  1. Right-Click the file to edit - we use File_202201.txt as an example - and choose CopyRev from the context menu

  2. Done. (a new file - a copy File_202202.txt is now ready..)
If no revision is identfied in filename a dialog show..


Recognized revision markings

Both _(underscore) and space is recognized as the last delimiter

Download / Install

Version / History

2022-aug-11 (v2208)
better support for high res screen
this web-page created
first version

More info

More info/questions from: Subject: CopyRev

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