Golf Statistics Program, DOS-version

An updated version for Windows/95 & NT is now available

The complete Tour statistics program.
To have a look at the program I will show you some pictures:

The courses you play has to be recorded into the program ones in a database. You record the pars, hcps, lengths and course ratings, sss and so on: Course database

You and your friends have to be registered in the database. (Phonelists for calling after a partner can of course be obtained) Player database
Now you can start to record your rounds of Golf into the program. You record: Rounds database
You decide to calculate a competition with the program. You define a competition. As I defined it, a competition is a 1 round event. A competition with many rounds is as I defined it a Tour. This competition can (after you played and filled in the rounds) be summed and the results can be presented. Competition database
You want to play a >1 round event with your mates. This was the origin of the program, to keep track of a Tour event with your friends. Check out the Classic Golf Tour statistics on the Web. Define your tour as a collection of competitions. Decide how to sum the total points. As we did it with a place-points function Pts(p) for example. Click and see the result... Competition database
Have fun...


Press on the link below to download a GOLFST14.ZIP (274213 bytes)

Install by:

From a Windows window

960321: Download GolfSt version 1.43

An updated version for Windows/95 & NT is now available