GolfStat Golf Statistics Program, Windows-version

An updated online version is available at

What is Golf Statistics ?

Main concept of GolfStat

I define an Event as an 18-hole event and a Tour as a combination of Events. When you defined your Events you can easy produce a web-site for your Golf Statistics.

The interface is as simple as possible with a couple of dialogs to enter the information divided in:

Download and try it out

Get your own copy to try out. With the program there is some Demo-Data files which should produce Web-Pages close to the look of the Tema Men Open V site.

Best of luck with your tournaments..

The main screen where you choose what to enter

Program, main screen

This shows the dialog where you enter the scores


The program is smart enough to support a round entered at the keyboard as: 435463546+Tab+536524635

"on the beach .."

Howto download (old)

The archive is in ZIP-format. You can either run the exe file or "unzipp" it.

Howto install GolfStat (old)

To install GolfStat/32 you need a computer with Windows 95/98/NT/2000. There is no muscular need for diskspace or MHz. If you can browse this page with the computer you will be able to run GolfStat.

Install by Self extractor

Just click the golfstat172.exe file.

Install by "WinZip"

Follow this simple procedure: files
  1. Create a program directory. eg. C:\GolfStat\
    You can put the GolfStat "root" where ever you like.
  2. Unzip the archive, to this directory.
  3. Create a shortcut to C:\GolfStat\Prog\GolfStat.exe
  4. Run. First time GolfStat asks you to load the Demo. Use this to learn about the program.
The program will create some other directories parallell to the "Prog" dir if not exist.
The "Data"-dir will store the "database", text-file based.
The "Web-Docs"-dir will store the html-files.

Some Sites by GolfStat (old)

Golf Statistics in directories (old)

Register (old)

Thanks for your interest!
When registering you will get a license file, GOLFSTAT.LIC, to copy into your program directory. This holds information about your ownership of a license to use GolfStat. After you get your license file you send us a copy of the email on paper together with: in the amount of US$ 40.- (or bank note exchange rate) All details will be emailed to you.
To register GolfStat you fill in the form below and click the Send button.


Hcp :-)

Message, something on your mind?

As a registered user, you will receive:

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An updated online version is available at

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