Simple tool to view jpg-files in Google Earth and more ..


You have lots of geocoded photos (from your mobile etc) and wants to view these on a map. This simple tool installs into the context menu (right click). Right click the root folder and choose Jpginfo KML. Click on the _jpginfo.kml file to view the photos in Google Earth



This simple tool has a lot of options, but this guide will describe how to use the view by Google Earth option

Download / Install


  1. Right-click on the folder with geocoded jpg photos

  2. Choos JpgInfo KML
  3. In the folder there is now a file named _jpginfo.kml, click to view the photos in Google Earth


Version / History

new option for the Google Earth viewer
many versions for the options not described here

More info

More info/questions from: Subject: JpgInfo

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