RENAME9: Simple File Rename Tool

HOWTO prefix filename with filedates and more


I was to rename a lot of images, prefixed with its exif datestamp. There is a very good tool which does the job, ExifTool, but I found it a little cumbersome to just rename the files. The result of my effort was this simple rename9 tool.

rename9.exe (Win32-Command-Line-Tool)


rename9 -dp -dt=Exif -de -s *.jpg
rename all images from IMG_1001.jpg to 120101-1200_IMG_1001.jpg
perfect for sorting images from many sources
rename9 -i *.jpg
shourtcut for the above
rename9 -magic *.
try to find magic number inside file and rename to known file extensions
rename9 -s *.jpg
rename "My Filename with ÅÄÖ.jpg" to My_Filename_with_AAO.jpg
rename9 S1=S2 *.jpg
renames all strings "S1" in *.jpg filenames with "S2"
rename9 -install[="--images *.jpg"]
install rename9 as context directory menu handler with default options "--images *.jpg"

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Version / History

2021-jun-18, version 0.6
with -magic option, if there is no extension try to read magic numbers from file header
2020-aug-20, version 0.51
with -nice option, do not prefix images with date if there is no exif dates
2020-aug-08, version 0.5
-st --set-time set-file-time, use rename9 to set the file-timestamp
2020-feb-06, version 0.41
-ss --suffix_size option for image files
2017-dec-30, version 0.39
updates web with latest fixes
2015-jul-30, version 0.30
more options, see --help, bug fixes
2014-dec-03, version 0.19
more bug fixes,
2014-mar-10, version 0.16
-fdff|--folderdatefromfiles: update folder date to median of file dates
-ts|--time-shift: apply delta time on -dp|-ds|-de. [-|+]hh:mm or [-|+]days.fracday
small bug fixes,
2014-jan-12, version 0.14
with shortcut --images and context menu handler --install|--uninstall
2013-jan-30, version 0.11
on the web for download

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