SSR: Simple Search & Replace

HOWTO search and replace from command line


I was to search and replace inside a simple batch-script and wanted a search and replace tool from the command line.

After searching I didn't find what I was looking for and compiled this simple tool.

ssr.exe (Win32-Command-Line-Tool)


ssr c:\\temp\\= \\=\t test.txt
Deletes the string c:\temp\ and replaces \ (backslash) with TAB
ssr "ServerHost=Value1"="ServerHost=Value2" config_file.ini
Use above command to replace values in a config file
ssr -0 \x01=\x20 test.txt >test_space.txt
Replace hex 00 with spaces in a textfile (-0 or --zero)
ssr -m="....[05]00 {8}....[05]00.*" -h=X,Y,Z \s08=, \s07=, grid.txt -o=grid_500m.csv
Use above command to reduce huge coordinate grid file (grid in 100m) to grid in 500m CC. Grid line format: 1234567 1234567 123.45
ssr search.txt=replace.txt test.txt
Replaces the content of search.txt with the content of replace.txt in test.txt (if search.txt and replace.txt exists)
ssr -l -r "\s*([^ ])\s*\e\s*([^ ]*)\s*"="$1\e$2" test.txt
Removes whitespace around Name = Value pairs in test.txt

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Versions / History

2022-jan-24, version 1.32
-latin1 flag: convert utf8 to latin1
2020-sep-04, version 1.3
-filter flag: return only rows matching filter string
2019-dec-16, version 1.28
new --mysql flag: escape ", tab and newline
2018-okt-12, version 1.24
new -uf (--use-file) flag, previous version always tried to find a file with content of search or replace
2017-dec-30, version 1.23
documented -rd and -sort flag
2017-dec-05, version 1.22
-k flag didn't work correct and description was updated
2017-feb-20, version 1.20
if search (or replace) is a filname, that content is not escaped by \t etc.
2016-jun-30, version 1.19
fix to use $search$replace$ pairs for shells that do not like the equal sign
2014-nov-01, version 1.17
small bug-fix
2013-sep-03, version 1.15
support for \q as " (quote)
2013-maj-31, version 1.13
added support to replace hex00 in textfiles
2013, version 1.11
Some buggfixes published
2010-mar-05, version 1.6
Support for regular expresion substitutions
2010-feb-22, version 1.5
Support for large search and replace statements
2009-nov-05, version 1.4
Buggfix, parsing correct filename from commandline
2009-oct-21, version 1.3
Line-By-Line function for huge files.
2009-aug-03, version 1.0


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