HOWTO extract files from a tape saved with VMS Backup


if you used a command similar to:

and don't have access to the VMS station anymore you are at a similar situation as I was.

After searching the net after tools that were capable to extract my vmsbackup files from the DAT tapes I found a tool, but it did not read my tapes?

There is a tool that can dump a tape to a file-image (send me an email, and I will give you the link) and my tool below takes that file-image and extracts the readable files inside it to window-files.

More problem info:

One solution VMSBackup.exe

1 tape-image-filename
Enter the tape image filename created with novatape...
2 extract files or extract file-list
Try the extract file-list button first, the extract button takes some time for large files.
3 stop execution
Cancel the execution by checking the stop
4 SaveSet
Current save-set
5 Filename
Current filename translation
6 Filelist
Extracted files from tape-image

From tape to image-file

  1. Use a windows 2000/XP station with a scsi dat-tape drive or just plug in a dat-drive to a scsi port and reboot the station, no installation required. I have only tried with dat-tapes but it will probably work with any tape that windows can understand. Please drop a mail if you found some workable setup.
  2. Get the ... tool and copy the tape to a tape-image-file on disk


More info

if you like we can help you with extracting the files, or do it yourself with the above tools.
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