This is our lab - the following list is our handpicked digital tools which might be of interest ;) (no warrenties see note below)

SSR = Simple Search & Replace tool

Search/Replace for command line and scripts

StdFolders = Simple tool to create a standard folder structure

For projects or other use where you need to create a standard folder structure

JpgInfo = Simple Google Earth photo viewer

Context-menu photo-view tool

RENAME9 = Simple File Rename

Set datetime prefix for your images etc

Access2SQL = Simple Command Line MS-Access-DB-to-SQL-text-file tool

Update SQL-databes from MS-Access with a script

UNIENCODE = Simple Unicode code points encoder

Encode unicode code-points to UTF-8

UUID = Create Global-Unique-Identifiers from command line

Create/Encode UUID/GUID

MD5 = Simple hash string encoder from command line

Encode md5 hash string


Hot folder - listen to directory - windows service deamon ..


Copy a filename_revA.ext to filename_revB.exe or _ver1.exe or _YYMMDD.exe or _YYYYMM.ext ..


Read data created with vmsbackup /save_set - from windows ..


Extract images from accessdatabase inserted with OLE ..


Extract/remove attachments from outlook ..


Extract mail from outlook into html-format-files ..


Autocad-script för rutnät, koordinatkryss


Bästa cirkel från n punkter - minsta kvadrat metod


Hyperlink a column in a excel document ..

Hyperlinks Word

Edit/Change/Replace all hyperlinks in a word document ..



Adress på kuvert

Simple Print Address on envelope


Mobile Update - sim-contact-info-update for the pre-smartphone era ..


GolfStat - golf statistics program for windows from a couple of years ago ..


GolfSt program - even older ..


navp - ett protokoll från förr ..

This is free information and software.

Anyone is free to copy, publish, use or distribute the above packages.

If you want to include any of these softwares in a commercial package 
you must get a permit from commercior, see

The software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind,
express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of
merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement.
in no event shall the authors be liable for any claim, damages or
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